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'J Condo Killed My Car'

What goes up must come down, so as the J Condo rises to the Dumbo skies, it's only natural for some bits to seek refuge back on stable ground. A reader writes:

So I go to move my car from the corner of Front Street and Jay on Thursday night, because the next day was street cleaning day. As I approached the car, the back window looked like it was frosted over. Being that this was the middle of summer, I thought this strange. I touched the glass and my hand went right through into the passenger compartment. Apparently a chunk of cement had fallen from the J Condo construction site across the street and hit the window with sufficient force to cause the entire thing to shatter. I spoke to a couple of people sitting outside at Pedro's, and they told me that the police had been at the contruction site recently because of complaints about falling debris. Later, I spoke to a friend at Superfine who told me that giant pieces of wood had been seen falling from there during the storm the night before.

It's so nice to see that they're running such a safe and high-quality operation over there. I mean, seriously, shit is falling and causing property damage a good 100 feet from the construction site? Someone should revoke their building permit.

I've attached a few photos to prove that I'm not making this up. Note the drops of liquified cement all over the car (which fortunately wipe right off, but still!). I'd advise anyone parking in DUMBO to stay far, far away from J Condo. As for me, $300 a month for a garage spot (in Brooklyn!) suddenly doesn't sound so outrageous.

The building was probably just pissed that a Honda was parked so close to it.
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