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Storefronting: Chocolate and Ink Edition

1) Union Square: Workers were putting the finishing touches this weekend on the first American outpost of an Israeli chocolate bar called Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man (above). This candy store for grownups is going in at 841 Broadway, just below the square, conveniently located around the corner from Whole Foods, for all your health-kick ruining needs. [WhatISee (photo)/T+L]

2) Upper West Side: As a little boy passing the corner of 81st and Columbus the other afternoon noted to his adult companion, like a Storefronting veteran, "Bombay's closed up." Luckily, there are two other Manhattan locations to serve you, or you know, you could just hit up your local mall. [Storefronting staff]

3) Chelsea: In a town where you can always find a waiting list if you want one, there's freaky tattoo artist to the stars Paul Booth (right), who's moving his shop?Last Rites; freaky website alert!?from East 4th Street to a "gallerylike space" on West 33rd, to be near all the other artists. Choice quote on "the other 1,000 or so licensed tattoo artists" in NYC: "Probably only a handful of those are really worth going to. There are these little bodegas with sunglass huts and a tattooist in the back hacking people up. Things like that really turn my stomach." [New York/Intelligencer]

4) Tribeca: The Shophound checks out the recently opened Rogan, a store by "the designer who is partly responsible for raising the average price of premium jeans above $275, a dubious distinction, to be sure," at 91 Franklin Street and muses on the indigenous "Here I am! Don't look at me!" syndrome: "How else can we explain why the display window is made of mirrored glass rather than something that would offer a view inside the shop." [Shophound]

BONUS: More underage brand recognition, from the magical land of Trader Joe's. [East Village Idiot]