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It Happened One Weekend: Outer Boroughs Get Their Due

1) A couple with a budget of $1.8 million struggles to find a brownstone to fix up in Park Slope. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]

2) Another couple relocates from Prospect Heights to a brownstone in Sunset Park "not far from the waterfront strip joints and the traffic whizzing by on the B.Q.E." There, they find happiness in the hood "the older kids on the block warned them never to set foot in." [Stephen P. ]Williams/Habitats]

3) Since "West Siders have gotten over the idea of living in a condo", Anabu Enterprises presents 120 West 72nd Street on the sacred ground where a one-story building now stands. [Posting/NY Times]

4) Co-op boards may allow buyers to buy apartments in the name of a corporation or a trust as a way of keeping their names out of public records. This would be a change in the law for many co-ops that still require apartments to be bought by individuals. The real upside: it would help celebrities keep their names out of the real estate gossip columns, where we know they hate to see themselves. [William Neuman/TheBig Deal]

5) Bronx residents mourn the "demise of a 40-year-old Hunts Point institution, the informal street party, known as La Playita, that took place every summer weekend on Viele Avenue." Police began to crack down because of public drinking, motorcycle racing and occasional fights and drug dealing that took place there. At least they didn't lose out to condos. [City Section]

6) City Planners turn their attention to Sherman Creek, one of "Manhattan’s largest remaining tracts of land with little housing or commerce." The area will be rezoned for waterfront housing, but some see it as a "plan that expedites gentrification." We just want some floor porn. [City Section]