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Meanwhile, the #2 Problem in Harlem

Not to go all scatological on a blazing hot day, but information about #1 attracts news about #2. A Harlem blogger emails to say:

Some guy (I am assuming it was a guy) took a crap right near my building's door, and didn't have the courtesy to put it in a flaming paper bag. Also, given that I left in the early evening and came back to find the personally made gift when I returned home before the sun went down, the miscreant responsible for this did it in broad daylight.The Harlem Fur blog contains rich detail about the street crapper:When facing East, one has an appreciation of how sly this crapper had to be. Although the area is semi-secluded on the West side, the opposite direction, which the imputable individual would have been facing, is open to all kinds of public scrutiny. There are three banks, one to the left, one to the right, and one straight ahead, a busy grocery store, and a school.We're not sure we want to know what other shitty little tales will be coming our way.
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