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Weird Billboard Follow-Up: The Bullshit Deepens

Yesterday, we took note of an odd billboard that appeared over the weekend on East Houston between Ludlow and Essex. Skepticism was expressed that the billboard—a supposed note from an angry wife to her cheating spouse—was actually anything other than a bank advertisement.

Comes the reveal, this morning, of a blog supposedly penned by the aggrieved spouse. For full effect, we recommend a full read of the site, which seems to have sprung into existence on June 30. Peppy intro posts are followed by foreshadowing that would make a Hollywood screenwriter envious—then, of course, the devastating news. And, mere seconds later, a fully-formed billboard. Color us heartbroken. (Also, where does said husband work? Katz's?)

No longer do we think this is a mere bank ad. Someone's thinking book deal, people. Either that or an awesome new prescription pharmaceutical.
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UPDATE: A special Curbed correspondent informs us that the viral marketing geniuses are from Court TV. Can you smell the letdown?