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NYWT: Offering Freedom from Hipsters Since Yesterday

[Photo via Flickr user Fatblast40]

There's a fine, fine line between what the cool kids are doing and what they're not, apparently. Water Taxi Beach in Queens? Hip?or at least it was until the Times labeled it a certified "Escape." The Water Taxi itself? Not so much, according to a dispatch in the Sun today, which asserts that the debut of service from the new ferry port at Schaefer Landing in Williamsburg is the death knell for a certain element of the neighborhood:

The arrival of the Water Taxi — with its grandmotherly onboard offerings of cookies and hot chocolate — suggests that the wealthy financiers, consultants, and entrepreneurs who have recently made their nests along the waterfront are there to stay.Yeah, frighten the hipsters with some unironic sugary snacks?that'll keep 'em away. They're like the opposite of rats.
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