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Big Project Update-o-Rama: Approval Day! (Sort of!)

1) New Yankee Stadium: Approved! Again! This time by the, uh, National Park Service. The stadium now only awaits approval by Pope Benedict before ground can be broken. [NYPost]
2) Javits Center Expansion: Plans were supposed to come up for vote before "an obscure but powerful panel in Albany" today, but the vote was postponed due to "concerns that the public hadn’t been given enough notice about the meeting." Now they'll vote next Wednesday instead. Consider yourself notified. [Crain's, NYPost]
3) Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town: We're linkdumping this here because we've got nowhere else to put it: MetLife is "evaluating options with respect to its Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town properties, including the possibility of marketing the assets for sale." Anyone care to guess the package price on this one? [MetLife Investor Relations]