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Park Slope Pedestrian Mommy Rage

From the Land of the Upscale Stroller known as Park Slope comes the tale of the mommy who went a little nuts in the head while trying to cross a neighborhood street, which often requires dodging turning cars. This slice-of-Brooklyn-life originated on the Park Slope Parents email list and comes via streetsblog:

I saw one woman struggling across the street with multiple bags of groceries hanging off her kid's stroller; when she got cut off, TWICE, she reached into her grocery bags and hauled out a can of beans which she threw at the rear window of the second car, cracking it clear across. Several witnesses clapped and cheered. The jerk driving the car actually had the nerve to pull over and come after her about the window, but fortunately, everyone that had seen what happened backed her up.So, were they organic vegetarian beans from the Slope Food Coop? Up next: Angry Park Slope moms start tossing empty McLarens at offending cars.
· Park Slope Parent Ped Rage [streetsblog]