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Trading Law Tomes for a Pile of Luxury Homes

While the New York Law School gets ready to carve up some new digs, the old NYLS building at 240 Church Street, which it recently sold, will make way for "a 306,155-[square]-foot luxury residential building," according to Lois Weiss in the Post. The law school, meanwhile, is putting up a new academic building on its existing parking lot. At the reins of the 240 Church project are hoteliers Izak Senbahar and Simon Elias, who also handled the occasionally problematic third Richard Meier tower in the West Village. Precious few details on this new Tribeca development, but our money's on a Costas Kondylis design, the ubiquitous firm that (let's hear it for 'em) finally got around to snazzing up its website. Woot!
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