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Curbed Rental Roundtable Update: 'It's Crazy'

As evidence that the NYC rental market is indeed not for the faint of heart these days, four selected comments from yesterday's Curbed thread...

1) "There's precious little inventory, the rents are jacked up and the attitude from landlords is a resounding 'What are you going to do about it?'"
2) "I am a brand new landlord, having bought a small apartment recently as an investment, and I was surprised that I was able to rent it out for $1800 despite it being less than 400sq ft in a 4th flr walk up. It's crazy (crazy good for me of course, but crazy nontheless)."
3) "This summer in Brooklyn is as bad - no, worse - than last summer in Manhattan."
4) "Friend went looking at chrystie place, they quoted $3700 for a 1BR. Expect a rent push for the next 12 months or so - at some point the cycle should mature but the party's just starting. Far Rockaway anyone?"

Click through for more carnage from the Upper East Side to Harlem to Greenpoint. Ouchy. Also, the Village Voice's Power Plays blog coincidentally asked a similar question yesterday, if you're looking for more market analysis.
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BONUS: Speaking of the Voice, the above photo comes from its most excellent bad landlord slideshow. (Seen above: "At 331 West 22nd Street in Manhattan, the backyard has become a large pit.")
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