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Special Rumblings Update: Nolita Stickball Time

Back in the late winter, Rumblings wrote about a Mott Street social club with a dollhouse in the window. At the time, a commenter noted, "Courtesy of member/leader 'Jimmy,' the club runs the stickball tournament held on Mulberry St. in the spring." An email tipster says that time has arrived, if a season late:

I was walking down mott b/w houston and prince and walked by the "dollhouse" front. It indeed appears that big jimmy is at it again! Sign posted for stickball this Saturday on mulburry st b/w houston and prince and to contact "big jimmy" for details. If anyone is in the nabe and has a working camera or a cell phone that isn't full (I don't) it's a funny sign to take a photo of.Sure enough—a Curbed correspondent was dispatched to the scene, returning with the above photo. Begging the question, who's in this Saturday? Jimmy Boy wants to know.
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