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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Delicious Condo Orchard

Answers to Tuesday's questions, as revealed by actual readers, below. If you've got more answers, questions, or digital photography, send 'em along to drop a note in the comments below. Your love is what gets us out of bed every morning.

1) Harlem: Regarding the 'United Mutual Life Insurance' Building at 310 Lenox (@ 126th Street), a commenter notes, "The word on the street for a long time is an NBA store. The security guards official answer is they are not allowed to say what the store will be. The construction plywood walling is unnecessarily secretive, like a big Christmas gift waiting to be unwrapped." Others wonder whether the space is properly situated for high-profile retail, and still others wonder whether the NBA would lease from the players' union, the alleged owner of the building. We couldn't confirm this last bit, and, frankly, it's making our heads hurt at this hour.
2) East Village: Alas, no takers at Saint Marks and Third. Who's going to bring it?
3) Upper East Side: We hear, "SouthWest Corner of 87 and Madison will be a new retail store Baby Cottons based in south america." We thought this was a joke. Then we found a website! We also regret to have accidentally stolen this item from our friends at Storefronting.
4) Lower East Side: A tipster notes, "52 orchard is being built by the same developer who built 50 orchard (unfortunately that means it will probably look like 50 as well). [50 Orchard is pictured above. -ed] elliman is also marketing these apartments." Bonus intel from a commenter: "i live at 50 orchard - they will be changing the facade after the new building is finished. the architect is michael muroff..."
5) Alphabet City: Rumors of condos on Ave. D remain just that.
6) Clinton Hill: "[T]he construction accross from White Castle on Myrtle [just west of Classon] is going to be condos. At least that's what I've heard." We'll consider that case closed then!
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