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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Anti-Atlantic Yards Rally: Thousands Brave Blazing Sun (61 comments)
"So let me get this right, residences of Prospect Heights rally to complain about new housing and getting an NBA franchise and jobs in their neighborhood when they have sh*t in their own basements?"
2) Park Slope Pedestrian Mommy Rage (57 comments)
"Back when I had kids that age, real estate prices were lower, so moms were a lot less stressed. Those $900K mortgages would make anyone want to throw beans."
3) Weird Billboard Roundup (47 comments)
"If this is just an advertisement, I hope Neck Face finds whoever is posting as 'Emily' and spray paints their house/apartment. If it's not really an advertisement, I hope Neck Face spray paints the billboard. In addition, if it is an advertisement, I will boycott whatever it is for, unless it is for Snakes On a Plane."
4) Scenes from the Apocalypse: Midtown Edition (39 comments)
"Last I heard the line stretched all the way from Chipotle to Shake Shack. Different attitude, same lemming-like behavior. I hope sour cream stains come out of button-down blue dress shirts."