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Park Slope Stay at Home Mom vs. Dad Smackdown

So, first we had the berserk can o' beans tossing Park Slope mommy. Today, we bring you the Park Slope Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) vs. Park Slope Stay at Home Dad (SAHD) smackdown. It ain't pretty. Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn relates running into a recovering SAHM on the F Train and learning of the SAHM vs. SAHD Death Match. In one corner, New York sex columnist-turned Park Slope SAHM, Amy Sohn. In the other, a former SAHD, journalist and longtime blogger who calls himself Mr. Nice Guy. Sohn writes:

Here in my neighborhood, Park Slope, I am constantly encountering insane stay at home moms (SAHMs)...Most of the SAHMs I know are really miserable. The working moms I know hate their jobs and hate working but they're not miserable in the kind of extreme and neurotic, soul crippling, Zoloft inducing Yellow Wallpaper-type way the SAHMs are.Mr. Niceguy sarcastically responds:The moms i met in the nine months i was a stay-at-home dad? totally insane. we're talking feces-throwing multiple personality-having batshit bananas. clearly this is the beginning of a well-reasoned and researched, articulate treatise on parenthood.There is oh so much more to this Park Slope pissing match. Read and discuss among yourselves.
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