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Balazs in MePa: Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Kudos to The Villager's Lincoln Anderson, who?in the midst of this big story on the new development going on in the Meatpacking District?got a glimpse of the elusive design plans for Andre Balazs's The Standard hotel from project manager Jeff Clark. The High Line-straddling 337-room hotel is expected to be fully open in February 2008, and it looks like the Polshek Partnership's design is going to be?well, we have no idea how it's going to look, because they wouldn't let Anderson give up the goods:

Clark had handed The Villager a few of the renderings of the hotel to take, but on second thought, called Hotels AB to check if they should be released. Michael Tovani, a representative of Hotels AB, subsequently told The Villager that because the project is “two years off” from completion, they are not yet releasing the design plans. The only image of the most recent design that has appeared was a small one in a recent Vanity Fair article — “like a thumbnail,” Tovani said.
Zzzzzzz. Well, at least we know it's going to be a "thin slab, slightly angled in its middle, bridging the High Line." Yeesh, what a tease. At least we can stare at our rejected designs.
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