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What About the #2 Problem in Harlem, Rege?

Not long after Regis Philbin declared Harlem "the hottest residential neighborhood in New York City" this morning, our uptown dookie correspondent sent in the following update on his crappy doorstep:

I am not disputing Regis' claim that Harlem is the hottest residential neighborhood in NYC. Rather, I would like to expand on that and say, however, that my front door is quickly becoming the crappiest three square feet of entrance space in New York City. I don't know if this is the work of a serial crapper, or simply a copycat crime. Either way, this is disgusting. Someone took a dump in the exact same spot where there was pile of scat with a disturbing viscosity last week.Number Two, Part Deux, arrived yesterday. Question of the day: Does viscosity matter?
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