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Jeans Company Sues Over Self-Branded Advertecture

From the annals of bizarro advertecture: jeans retailer Parasuco is suing its landlord at 60 Spring Street, a subsidiary of Leviev Boymelgreen, for not removing the oversize scaffolding that wraps the chain's new flagship Soho store. Reports Lois Weiss, "It alleges Boymelgreen erected scaffolding at the end of January, long after the façade work was promised to be completed... Along with monetary and punitive damages, Parasuco is requesting an injunction against further façade work, and that the scaffolding be torn down."

Ironically, the scaffolding carries enormous, oversize ads for... Parasuco. Anyone else ready for a vacation from this town?
· Jeans Retailer Sues for $5m Over Blocked View [NYPost]