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Well, Albee Darned: The Ratner Spillover Effect

Behold another fantastical rendering from the people who made you believe in the glitzy Brooklyn dream that is Coney Vegas. Not content to let Forest City Ratner have all the fun, Thor Equities is planning a 60-story mixed-use bonanza (hotel, offices and condos) above a parking garage on Albee Square West, according to the Post today. Other projects on the boards: Neighborhood grocer John Catsimatidis hopes to put up a pair of buildings on Myrtle Avenue just shy of 400 feet tall and featuring a million square feet of space, and another firm is doing 40 stories of residential and retail with the help of old tower standbys SOM. Don't ya just love the smell of massive developments in the morning?
· New Downtown Bklyn 'Heights' [NYP]

UPDATE: The astute commenters are correct. This puppy (aka Thor Tower at Willoughby Square) isn't exactly new news, based on this more detailed Times account from October.