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Storefronting: But Will the People Read?

1) Midtown: A little while back, somebody asked in Rumblings what was being built on the first two floors next to Charles Schwab at 2 Penn Plaza. Now a sign has been posted: "BORDERS BOOKS!!!!! Awesome. Not that anyone around here reads, but a smart move on their part - lots of foot traffic, and prob. the only (non-porn) book store around here for several blocks in any direction." [Storefronting inbox]
2) Chelsea Moving into the former Details space at the corner of 17th anf Eighth Avenue is a little spot we like to call Chelsea Fine Custom Kitchens. Doesn't it seem like every Details in the city is closing lately? [BlogChelsea]
3) Lower East Side/East Village: "There's now a canopy over that empty storefront at houston and ave a that previously had lobster drawings covering the windows. they were putting it up as i was walking past. called Urban Lobster: Prepared Seafood to Go, i believe." [Storefronting inbox]
4) GraMurray: "I heard a Dunkin' Donuts is moving into the space that used to be a furniture shop on the SE corner of 26th and Third. Can someone confirm?" [Storefronting inbox]