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Ariel Condos Update: Growing Like Kudzu in the East

There's a fair bit of unabashed looking up going on around West 99th Street these days. Can you blame them when Ariel East (above) is shooting up almost as fast as that supermarket came down? Across Broadway, its fraternal twin in the Extell Development family doesn't seem to be in as much of a rush to stick its head out above the scaffolding. But if the Corcoran site is to be believed, people aren't letting those snooty cartoons get in the way of their uptown luxe: at least a dozen units in Ariel East, with the Broadway address, and some 17 apartments in Ariel West at 245 W. 99th are in contract.

Still on offer: M&M Peanut, Starburst, and the $6.795 million eight-room, 4,130-square-foot penthouse atop 2628 Broadway, about which you'll have to fantasize without the visual aid of an online floorplan. After the jump, another closeup of the supposed bad glass and a gripping neighborhood amenity probably not mentioned in the Ariels' brochures.

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