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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Danner Ditches, Cipriani Snitches

1) Successful actress and famous mommy Blythe Danner bought a two-bedroom co-op at 1 Fifth Avenue just seven months ago (right), but she's apparently flipped it (here's the in-contract listing) for a small profit, if no reno work was done. She leaves neighbors Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard behind. [S. Jhoanna Robledo/NYMag]
2) In a sighting that was clearly in no way fed to Braden Keil by the Elliman peeps working the development to generate some sort of excitement, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was spotted checking out the penthouse units at the Cipriani Club Residences. He said his budget was around $15 million, suspiciously high for an NFLer. Hurry the hell up, Tom: the party's already started! [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]
3) According to Page 6, CNBC host and big time ad man Donny Deutsch has been carrying on with Corcoran broker Lauren Muss, the agency's top-selling broker under the age of 40. The only thing is, she's still kinda sorta technically married. Needless to say, her high-powered (and indicted!) husband is less than pleased. [Page 6]
4) 740 Park's Penthouse 17D?perhaps the most famous and prestigious two-bedroom apartment in New York?went into contract months ago for $27.5 million, and now we know who the buyer is. It's New York Stock Exchange prez John A. Thain! Hooray! He joins the likes of billionaires David H. Koch and Ronald S. Lauder at 740 Park's raucous "middle initial nights." [William Neuman/Big Deal]
5) Live above Claire Danes. Or, you know, don't. [The Real Estate]