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It Happened One Weekend: Jade Peaks, Rodents Freak

1) Suzanne Slesin goes window shopping at Jade, the latest development du jour from the Shvo. She finds the model apartment to be "a pale version of visionary space-age living" and wonders "if the pod would really solve the problems of urban living in terms of storage and functionality." Some must love it, because 14 out of 20 units have already sold; 15 more come on the market next week. [Suzanne Slesin/Window Shopping]

2) Waaaaaa. Some renters have the audacity to try and avoid paying the standard 15% brokers' fee. Still, brokers may have the last laugh due to a secret weapon: karma. Karma means you may have to get your "locks changed three times because someone put Krazy Glue in them." Karma is a bitch. [NYTimes]

3) A woman returns to New York after three years in D.C. and one year of marriage determined to find a top-floor apartment that can fit a 10-person dining room table. Can you say Park Slope? [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]

4) Chinatown suffers from an odor issue, but it is getting a bit better. No, really. [Steven Kurutz/Street Level]

5) Would-be marathon runners bristle at the closing of a track in the East River Park due to renovations as part of the $72 million renovation of the East River esplanade. The work must be done now because minimum air temperature required to lay new asphalt on the track is 65 degrees. [Neighborhood Report/NYTimes]

6) Meanwhile, on the Upper West Side, tenants bristle as their gardens are paved over by landlords because of a rodent problem. [Neighborhood Report/NY Times]