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Curbed California: Celebrity Edition

1) Los Angeles: Having reportedly abandoned their dreams of the simple life in Boerum Hill, Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams and wee little Matilda are retreating to the safety of the Hollywood Hills, where they recently purchased Ellen Degeneres's 2000sqft "Tree House." Our left coast architectural guru chimes in with the full run-down on the mid-mod masterpiece. Need to know: "The house is very 'Gay-sian' in design and is surprisingly mid-market in finishes." [Curbed LA]
2) Los Angeles: More expat househunting! David Beckham and Posh Spice are checking out the goods in Bel Air. [Curbed LA]
3) San Francisco: Now seems like the right time to catch up on the listing of Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett's house in Pacific Heights for $12.5M. Floorplans here. Virtual tours here. No illegal downloading, 'kay gang? [Curbed SF]