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Real Estate Poetry: The Basho Moving Company

The "free" section on Craigslist ain't what it used to be, if this week's "Talk of the Town" is anything to go by; now we've got sadistic New Yorkers out there requiring potential recipients to open up a vein and pour out their soul in a haiku, all for the prize of fifteen measly moving boxes. We were kinda partial to this one:

’Tis autumn, change comes
Must move my bottom and pack
Woe to me, boxless
But it took a Dept. of Ed. employee, reluctantly moving his brood from "a brownstone in Carroll Gardens" to "a two-bedroom apartment in Windsor Terrace," to provide the real pain that is crystallized in the winning entry:
Building has been sold
Fourteen years of things to pack
Leaves fall, hope must rise
It's OK?you can take a moment if you need to?we know it's hard.
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