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Rumblings & Bumblings: Hard Rock and Plywood

If it's Tuesday, and there's new development, there'll be Rumblings & Bumblings. The questions below were posed by actual readers. If you know the actual answer, send it along to drop a note in the comments below. Extra credit for sweet, sweet digital photographs.

1) Nolita: The shutterbug who emailed the photo above says, "there's a huge swath of plywood on Elizabeth Street just south of Prince. It intrigues me."
2) Midtown West: "Anyone have any information on what is being developed on W57th Street in the same building as the Hard Rock Cafe?" (Hint: Another reader asks, "I can’t get any information from anyone about the Bruce Ratner development on W57th Street at the former site of the Hard Rock Café…")
3) Boerum Hill: "Does anyone know what is happening in the big khaki colored windowless formerly scaffold-ed box on Smith Street (@ Wyckoff) next to the old Videomania?"
4) Astoria: Finally, one for the good people of Queens: "just passed what looks like new construction for condos or co-ops on 32nd Street and 35th Ave in Astoria. I tried to see if there were any signs about who was building or who to contact but no luck; do you guys have any info?"