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What's Up Out West

Does all that sexy Hudson Yards chatter have you intrigued about what else is going down on the Far West Side? A Curbed tipster enmeshed in the goings-ons has a few updates for you:

1) "FIT's 1,100 residential units for art students at 30th and Ninth Ave (right) will be ready by Fall."
2) "That lot at 34th and 10th was cleaned of it's gas station and the tanks dug up, ground environmentally cleaned and readied for sale - there have been many rumors but it is still for sale."
3) "A big developer (think HUGE ego) bought 2 lots, one at 35th and Ninth Ave, the other a bus parking lot near 37th to develop 1200 rental units, Rockrose is building 400 units off Tenth. Lots of new W. 39th Flea Market customers ..."

Fun times! We're sure dorm-loving Chelsea folk are really looking forward to that influx of FIT kids. Got any more Left Bank-leaning news? Let's have it.