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Collateral South Slope Damage: "Imminently Perilous" Bldg

Win some, lose some and some might fall down. Even as opponents celebrate the city's decision to nix an 11-story tower in the South Slope, a building at Eighth Avenue and 15th Street in the same neighborhood has been emptied because construction next door has rendered it "imminently perilous to life." The South Slope blog IMBY noted the refugee scene:

One woman, her baby in tow, was told that the Red Cross would find her a room in a motel for two or three days in Sheepshead Bay. Another woman, tears in her eyes, was worried whether they would let her bring her birds to the motel...A man on the second floor refused to leave his rent controlled apartment, saying "I have paid my rent, I have the right to be here, they will have to force me out''.So much for that laid back life in Park Slope and environs.
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