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Meet the New Williamsburg Waterfront

The new East River esplanade next to the Water Taxi dock behind Schaefer Landing on Williamsburg's South Side is open and attracting a crowd. Williamsburg waterfront watcher and nouveau Billburg blogger imjustsayin went down to the esplanade and came back with photos of moms and kids soaking up that East River breeze. He reports:

The faux paving stone walk and modern street furniture is reminiscent of that found in its Husdon River Park cousin. A bit light on shade trees, but it is brand-spanking new so we'll be patient. I made two trips down there in the late afternoon, and both times found the walk crowded with Southside Moms and their kids, enjoying their first taste of neighborhood waterfront access.A few more photos of the new and old look waterfront after the jump.

Another view of the new East River esplanade in Williamsburg.

These are the ruins of the Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal where Douglaston Development is building "The Edge" highrises.
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