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LMDC Prepares for Its Ride Off Into the Sunset

Here's something you don't see everyday: A spoonful of New York's bureaucratic alphabet soup is actually opting to get eaten. You won't be hearing much about the LMDC much anymore, because the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. is disbanding in a few months, according to the Times' David Dunlap, long before the dust has quite settled (or even started flying in some cases) at the mass construction site that is downtown these days. What work remains will be passed off to other city, state and quasi-public agencies, of which there rarely seems to be a shortage, after all. So fear not: The recently redesigned shall live on for all your gov'y PR needs. One of the dev corp's legacies? Architect "Daniel Libeskind’s master plan [but not his Freedom Tower design] for rebuilding ground zero, adopted in 2003, 'which has held through all the controversies, debates and negotiations over the years,'" according to the Employee No. 1. Makes it sound all so steadfast and unwavering in retrospect, no?
· Downtown Rebuilding Agency Says It Is No Longer Needed [NYT]