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CurbedWire: Court St.'s Labor Pains

1) Carroll Gardens: Trouble is brewing at 505 Court Street. A 505 resident tipster writes, "condo-seekers aren't buying Corcoran's line about how lux the building at 505 Court Street is...or will be (we hope)! At least one disgruntled signed-on-the-dotted-line purchaser who had moved in has since relocated elsewhere. Escape must have been in desperation since the woman of the house was very heavy with child.

"And, just this past week residents of 505 Court (aka Court Lofts) were greeted by flyers on the front desk announcing that the rental office could be found on the 7th floor! "Rental office???" you say. Yes! It seems that the slow pace of sales is finally taking it's toll on the owners and they are reduced to leasing out the renovated apartments of previously evicted tenants to new tenants." [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) East River: Taking advertecture to a whole new level, a tipster spotted a huge barge being pushed up the E River with a"tent-like" banner bearing the statement: "The human element is the element of change. DOW." Looks like the new advertecture guidelines have spawned "barge-vertsing". [CurbedWire Inbox]