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St. Brigid's Update: The Hand of God Digs In

Our endangered houses of worship inbox lit up this morning with questions about the next stage in the conversion of St. Brigid's on Avenue B. Says a tipster,

Noticed new scaffolding being added to the front of the church this morning. In the back, bordering an empty lot, a sizable hole had been torn out of the building. Is this where they intend to more discretely rip out the guts of the place? EV/LES documentarian Clayton on the scene too, taking pictures; three cops lingering as well. Is this the Roman Catholic Archdiocese's response to the offer of an anonymous "angel" to buy the property?Anybody got the goods?
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· Last Rites for St. Brigid's on Avenue B [Curbed] UPDATE: Another tipster emails that the Archdiocese "bypassed normal legal procedures" and arranged for a hold on demolition to be lifted and "started the teardown Moses-style." More to follow at a press conference later this afternoon.