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Like It or Not, Red Hook Gets "Reinvented"

Red Hook "reinvented"? Yale School of Architecture students are obliging with visions for "an extreme makeover" of The Hook that includes the drawings and models pictured above. Student visions include:

A naturalistic recreation park with camping, an animal preserve, a golf course, a grand canal, water sports and fishing...selling off park space and promoting large-scale private development. One radical view unveils a "CarPark" that provides Red Hook with some additional 31,021 parking spaces and doubles as a large regional public park.We are not making this up. The drawings and models are included in the Brooklyn Waterfront Artist's Coalition Summer Show at the Beard Street Pier, which means you can see for yourself before copping your organic mescaline mesclun greens at Fairway.
· Red Hook Reinvented [PRWeb]
· A Feast for the Eyes [BWAC Site] BONUS: A special Curbed tipster reports that there are now traffic counting devices near Imlay Street and Hamilton Avenue. Residents protested on Van Brunt Street last week demanding stop signs, cross walks and traffic lights, but traffic studies aren't planned until fall. The counters probably have something to do with the Cruise Terminal, which residents complain is getting attention from the city while they aren't.