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20 Pine vs. Urban Glass House: The Branding

We already gave the Urban Glass House the nod when it came down to the written word, but what about the fun things? In the end, it's all about having fun, right? The most fun thing at the big 20 Pine party was, obviously, the Shvookie. Buttery interior, hardened frosting exterior that stayed on message? not bad, not bad. Over on Spring Street, the Urban Glass House offered up some plastic Philip Johnson-esque frames in the gift bag. Fairly amusing, but we have to give the edge to 20 Pine. Their special treat was edible, and the specs didn't have any frames, hampering our desire to harness the sun's rays and set the whole place ablaze (don't tell our therapist).

So now that the score is tied 1-1, which building gets the win? For that, we go to the actual delivery system: the gift bag. 20 Pine's was just a cheap plastic bag with the building's name on the side. The Urban Glass House doled out a weird canvas/mesh sort of beach bag thingamajig with a giant creepy Johnson face on it. Edge: Urban Glass House. Happy Birthday, Phil!
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