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20 Pine vs. Urban Glass House: The Propaganda

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of late architect Philip Johnson's birth (and, you know, to sell some apartments), a party was held last night inside the model unit of his final project?the under-construction Urban Glass House. It was all fine and dandy, sure, but here's the important question: Was it as good as the legendary 20 Pine soiree? To decide, we go to the only evidence that counts: the free shit.

First up is the promotional reading material. As you can see on the left, 20 Pine offered up a 120+ page glossy magazine, a hulking behemoth of publicity that was kind of like the Ocean Drive of condo literature. The Urban Glass House, on the other hand, is a minimalist affair: an elegant 40-page hardcover book free of excess and oppressive logos. Do we want everyone on the Q Train to know that we're reading up on our fabulous new home? Of course not (we're not inviting them over). For this reason, the early edge goes to Monsieur Johnson in the battle for our deposit. More later.
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