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Crazy Man of St. Brigid's Update: Angel or SOB?

Thank God someone's out there spicing up an otherwise languorous summer Friday. An email correspondent adds to this morning's word of a ranting individual on the roof of doomed Avenue B house of worship St. Brigid's thusly:

That is bizarre. At around 7:30AM, when I passed 7th and B, The St. Brigid's "Crazy Man" was on the street, being filmed by news crews and held back from police on the sidewalk by barricades. He was screaming, "Do you think you're not going to die, people? You're all going to hell and your money can't save you there!" I believe it is the same man, as the other onlookers were relatively docile and armed with mere guitars/hymns.

Can anyone explain how he got to the roof with all this attention? Under that dirty tank top perhaps he is donned with a set of wings...An angel or just an extremely crafty SOB?

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