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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Well, Albee Darned: The Ratner Spillover Effect (50 comments)
"this looks cool. Albee square could use something cool, as long as they're not taking down the Dime Savings bank. and it's a skyscraper that's actually IN a downtown high-rise district zoned for it, instead of right next to brownstones. wow. finally, contextual development."
2) What About the #2 Problem in Harlem, Rege? (26 comments)
"This smells like anti Harlem propaganda. There are a number of Harlemites whose only hope to slow gentrification is through misinformation, by any means necessary."
3) Ask Curbed: The Air Down There (25 comments)
"Its the Hudson, people. Seriously, the tunnels leak a bit (some stations have stalactites) and that muddy water in those hot tunnels creates the 'special' odor."
4) Peevish Williamsburg Graffiti #2 (21 comments)
"Hey, that hipster isn't wrong. Throughout more than half of my 10+ years in the workforce, my 401K balance lagged consistently behind WHAT I HAD PUT IN due to crappy returns on the stock market. Thank god I bought an apartment in NYC, which increased in price by 75% during the four years I owned it!"