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St. Brigid's Demolition Fun: 'Crazy Man' on the Roof?

[Photo courtesy jgrnly on flickr]

From the East Village battleground known as the demolition of St. Brigid's Church, comes this email:

Is is just me, or did anyone else see a crazy man on the roof of St. Brigid's this morning? He was screaming about how it's such a shame that a 160-year-old building is being torn down, and what a disgrace it is to the neighborhood. As I was walking past, police had blockaded Ave. B between 7th and 8th and there were cop cars everywhere, plus news vans a lot of people with cameras. As crazy man was yelling, I heard a crowd cheering, but I couldn't see where they were--maybe part-way down 8th street between B and C. We're certain more local color will follow.
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