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Peril Averted in South Slope

Good news from the South Slope, where residents are now allowed back inside the Eighth Avenue building that was evacuated because neighboring construction had rendered it "imminently perilous to life," a phrase we can never really get tired of. IMBY, which has been following this story like paparrazi on Brangelina, got word from State Assemblyman Jim Brennan's office:

"We were just informed by the the Brooklyn Borough Office of the Department of Buildings that the DoB engineers concluded their inspection and lifted the vacate order; tenants can now move back in. We also believe that a crack monitor will be installed. We will continue to monitor the situation."It's going to take every muscle in our body, but we're going to try really hard to resist making any obvious "crack monitor" jokes here. Instead, through clenched jaw, we say this: Somebody go help those moms get their crap back into the building!
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