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G-Slope Holiday Inn: Great Hard-Boiled Eggs

The 9-story, 115-room Holiday Inn Express on Union Street was supposed to bless us on July 24, but this Brooklyn Papers story still says it's "set to open." No matter, because we're still getting details about its specific brand of awesomeness. The rates are $129-$169, and $179-$219 during peak times, like when Gowanus' proud sons return to the Motherland to sit by the Christmas tree and take polar bear plunges in the canal. And even though the "Express" implies a lack of amenities, this still sounds pretty good:

All come with free breakfast, free HBO, free WiFi and a commanding view of several auto-body shops and an abandoned building on Union Street. Pascale touted the buffet breakfast: “It’s a little more upscale than you usually find. We have yogurt, fruit, hard-boiled eggs. You get a little more protein than the usual carbohydrates.”

Seems like all that would lead to at least a $3,500/month common charge in most condos, right? Well, except for maybe that view. But the protein...
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