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Holy Organic Aioli: Whole Foods to Open in Dumbo

Curbed has a news flash that will put some pep in your step, especially if you are a food retailing-deprived Brooklynite. We've learned, via an inside source, that Whole Foods will open a big new store in Dumbo. All we can say is, Praise the Lord and Pass the Organic Miso. We don't have an opening date or a location, although we do know that the 40,000 square foot space at 20 Jay Street that was once occupied by ABC Carpet Warehouse would fit the bill. Whole Foods has previously considered Dumbo, but dismissed it because the nabe was too remote. Maybe Fairway's success in "remote" Red Hook changed their mind. Or, it could be that Dumbo will soon have several thousand new residents as buildings like the J Condo open. Listen extra hard and you can almost hear the jaws dropping at the Park Slope Food Coop.

Whole Foods is also waiting for the toxic muck and ooze to be removed from their site in Gowanus. The Dumbo Whole Foods was mentioned in the context of "several" new stores in Brooklyn, so others might also be in the mix. Williamsburg Whole Foods in one of those new waterfront towers, anyone?

Anyone with insight as to the exact Dumbo location is invited to drop in on us via the always friendly and always open
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