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Movement in Manhattanville: CU Tweaks Campus Plans

Skirmishes are rather sporadic at the battleground known as Columbia's Manhattanville project, but there could be some community board action today as the university presents its latest modifications to those development plans for the 17-acre campus expansion north of 125th Street. Then again, it might be a relatively sedate meeting?wherever/whenever it is; boo-urns to the lack of a substantial CB9 web presence?as the university is aiming to appease the "197-a plan" supporters by shifting a square of "privately owned, publicly accessible" open space farther west, to the block between Broadway and 12th Avenue between 130th and 131st Streets. That's according to the Columbia Spectator, whence comes the graphic you see here, which could've been a little bigger and more legible, but hey, it was the middle of the summer, so we'll cut them some slack.
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