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Storefronting: Wine, Money and Scent Edition

1) Tribeca: Somewhere in the nabe ("I forget where this was. Franklin Street I think. Near Hudson"), photoblogger Will Femia happens upon the makings of Delluva Vinotherapy Day Spa (above). "How is vinotherapy not the same as... well... getting drunk? I looked it up. Looks like you sit in it instead." [ATOW]

2) East Village: So much for Vital Dent. Apparently, another bank?and shocking as it may seem, a Chase?has swooped in at the former Second Avenue Deli space on East 10th Street and sealed some sort of deal last week. Too bad they couldn't have shared the storefront: fillings on one side, financing on the other. [NYPost]

3) Nolita: Independent perfumer Le Labo moves in at 233 Elizabeth and the Shophound gets dizzy from the scent: "Le Labo doesn't look like a perfumery, but more like a downtown bar with its industrial decor ... this merely reflects the shop's highly technical approach to scent, as well as a little hipster style." [Shophound]

4) Financial District: Retail tenants in the footprint of the Fulton Street Transit Center (aka the MTA's Great Glass Egg) head to court to fight an Aug. 31 eviction date: "The judge raised the likelihood that some will go out of business, because it's tough to find other small spaces downtown at comparable rents." [NYDN]