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McCarren 101: Celebrate the Pool, then Hide the Pool

Continuing our real estate survery along McCarren Park in Williamsburg (we went on a field trip!), we shuffle a little bit away from Karl Fischer Row and over towards 407 Leonard Street, a development currently under construction directly across the street from McCarren Pool. The 55-unit building, called Aqua, has one of the more shrewd and dubious marketing strategies we've seen since the practice of trying to sell an apartment based on its view of a temporary art installation. From the name down to the slogans, it's all about living "poolside," despite the fact that not only is McCarren Pool obviously not a refreshing swimming hole, but the entire future of the championed summertime concert and performance series there is in doubt. Neighbors no likey the six hours of loud music blasting every Sunday, so we'll see.

If that's not enough, Aqua spends all that time talking up the pool, but the only view on the website barely evens show it. You just get a little sliver of pool-y goodness, as seen above. What, a gigantic empty concrete hole covered in graffiti isn't an attractive sight for condo buyers? seems to be rapidly taking over the Williamsburg-Greenpoint scene ever since the rezoning?has the listings, where you can currently snag a two-bedroom for $739,000. And hey, we'll even throw in a free pair of floaties.
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