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163 Charles Update: One Poor Duplex Remains

Behold the "mini-Meier*" in utero, the three-unit development going up out back of the third Richard Meier tower, which snagged some dispensation from the BSA and caused a kerfuffle with its neighbors over views this spring. It's 163 Charles Street, and there's only one residential unit left, after developer Barry Leistner reportedly called dibs on the snazzy triplex penthouse and some other lucky soul presumably went into contract on the fifth-floor two-bedroom. That remaining condo is a 2,800-square-foot duplex comprising the third and fourth floors. We couldn't find any exact pricing online, but we wouldn't be surprised if it's in the $5 million range, give or take a few million. Plus, don't forget that commercial space, available for lease by spring 2007, on the first and second floors. And while we're in the nabe, have you ever noticed what's behind these glassy condos?
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*Not actually designed by Meier. Credit goes to Daniel Goldner Architects.