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It Happened One Weekend: Goths Invade the Bronx

1) Hipsters and artists, attracted by cheap rents and a bar that "feels like Lower Manhattan" set up shop in the South Bronx. It's not all galleries and cafes yet, as the hood is still coping with its entrenched gang violence and murders, problems that the influx of new residents haven't been able to defeat. [Mike Spector/NYTimes]

2) More from the Bronx, where it's tough being a hipster, but it's even tougher being a goth. [Urban Tactics/Nina Malking]

3) A Baltimore transplant finds happiness in the smallest space he's ever lived, but anything is an improvement over the Superfund sites where he works. The community grill and friendly neighbors are just icing on the cake. [Celia Barbour/Habitats]

4) A couple forced to leave their rental in Queens shuns overpriced Upper Manhattan, finding rental bliss instead in a three-bedroom house in Westchester. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]

5) Real Estate buyers can get a piece of history with Al Capone's townhouse in Vinegar Hill. [City Section]