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CurbedWire: Fireworks Frenzy

· The 16-story Tower of Bowery may have to come down eventually, but it was standing tall on the 4th. A tipster writes, "[O]ur viewing party on top of the Soho Court should have had a unobstructed view of the fireworks at 34th Street and the Brooklyn Bridge, but the hotel destroyed the uptown view and almost ruined our party." We wonder what the brave men who fought for our nation's independence would make of the tragedy of only one unobstructed view. [CurbedWire Inbox]

· More fireworks! A tipster forwards this letter from the Board "of a Prospect Heights condo":

Residents and their guests are not allowed to engage in sexual acts on the roof or in any other area outside of the privacy of a unit. A couple was observed engaged in sex on the roof (not the 4th floor deck) outside the stairwell by the 10th floor compactor shoot. Please be respectful of our building's residents, which includes children of all ages, and our guests. Also, remember that unit owners are responsible for the actions of their guests. This particular situation could have been very embarrassing to the unit owner that observed the situation as they had guests over the weekend and the culprits were plainly visible from a unit owner's deck. Personally, I hope that this is the last time a matter like this has to be brought to the Board's attention. Ah, if only the fornicators had done their business on the 4th floor sex deck. [Curbed Wire Inbox]

· Despite plunging prices, illegal hotel rooms and a loss of public confidence in condo developments, Page Six says it spotted "Prudential Douglas Elliman's top broker, Ilan Bracha, celebrating at Buddha Bar with his team after selling 114 condos at Herald Towers in two days." A reader wonders "114 in 2 days? Were they selling them for $19.99?" [CurbedWire Inbox/Page Six]