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Ask Curbed: Not Easy Being Green?

It's a colorific kinda day here at Curbed. First, BLUE. Now, green:

Does anyone know about any green condos being built? Yeah, awesome water and air filtration and solar panels and maybe even a rooftop wind garden and grey water reusage (for landscaping or something) would be great, but I'd be happy with just highly effective ventilation and REAL energy efficiency, like what Chris Benedict did with 228 East 3rd Street.

I wish for a "luxury condo" (whatever the hell that means anymore) with some locally-harvested, FSC-certified (or concrete) hardwood floors and recycled composite decking on the terraces... maybe jute or some non-chemical-laden fibers in the hallways... truly energy efficient heating and cooling... formaldehyde free (and beautiful) kitchen cabinetry... Am I asking too much? I'm looking for high end, but responsible.

Perhaps our querier ought to start hanging around places like Build It Green! in Astoria? Any other ideas?

UPDATE: The Devoe and Greenbuilt duke it out for the title of "the first environmentally friendly building of [their] size in Williamsburg." [NYPost]