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It Happened One Long Weekend: Back from The Beach

1) Summertime news you can use: apartment outdoor space is coveted, but there's a catch. Apparently, "everybody seems to want it, but some people who have it don’t use it." [NY Times]

2) A "burly male friend" is scared, but that doesn't stop a female entrepreneur from taking "the top floor of a three-family house" in Crown Heights for $1,600/month. Score! [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]

3) David Ling falls in love with a nondescript building in Clinton Hill and dreams of installing a glass curtain wall and a moat, which will act as "a security measure, to protect the curtain wall." Of course! [Sketch Pad/Tracie Rozhon]

4) A 4,000 square foot home for $270,000 in Clinton Hill alters a couple's thinking and allows them to make New York home forever. [Habitats/NY Times]

5) Four townhomes on 56th Street face the wrecking ball after a developer moves too quickly for preservationists to act. [NYTimes]

6) The city grid is almost 200 years old and seems to be working just fine, despite Harper's complaint that the grid was "creating a city in which all was right angles and straight lines." [Urban Tactics/NY Times]