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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Reeves' Former Retreat

1) The three-level, seven-bedroom Westchester mansion of the late Christopher and Dana Reeve is up for sale. It's listed through Sotheby's, and here it is (right). At first we thought Armonk was in the Hamptons, and that at $2.95 million, this was a total steal. Luckily we looked closer before getting the checkbook out. Nice house, though. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]
2) You know what's awesome about being one of the richest dudes in the country? You get to send out $45 million checks for ridiculous six-story Upper East Side mansions to house your future charitable foundations. You rule, Mayor Bloomberg. [NYT]
3) Apropos of nothing, a reader report from Sarah Jessica Parker's Charles Street outpost: "why were their moving trucks in front of SJPs house in the village?" Friends, we assure you, everything will be OK.
4) In the world of professional sporting, two developments: 15 Central Park West will have another celebrity tenant, none other than NASCAR golden boy Jeff Gordon. We hope he understands that 99% of his neighbors will look down at him. And recently retired Pittsburgh hero Jerome Bettis might be going to contract on a unit in the Gwathmey-Siegel Windsor Park development at 100 W. 58th St. [B. Keil/G. Shelter]
5) Just kidding, three developments. The National Hockey League is moving! The NHL will occupy 135,000 square feet at 1185 Sixth Avenue, after considering a move to the New York Times Co. building currently under construction. We'll give you $5 if you can name the NHL's current resting place. Time's up, it's 1251 Sixth Avenue. [Crain's NY Business]