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Repairs & Renovations for That Big Boat You Never Visit

[Rendering via Dattner Architects]

This summer might be a good time to get around to finally checking off that "Visit the Intrepid" item that's been languishing on your list of NYC touristy things you never got around to doing. Why? Because this little aircraft carrier's floating away from West 46th Street for a bit of R&R in Jersey and Staten Island come the fall, and it won't be back until Fleet Week 2008. In the meantime, Pier 86 will also be getting a makeover, aided by city, state and federal money.
· Intrepid Will Cross River for Refitting, Then Return to a Rebuilt Pier [NYT]
· USS Intrepid Museum Master Plan [Dattner]

BONUS: Also "on the boards" over at Dattner Architects, an early peek at what the new nearby No. 7 line subway stations will look like at 10th/41st and 11th/34th, plus the renovated Bowling Green station. No word on how final any of the drawings are.